Monday, June 8, 2009


my people, wetin dey happen? i know say i mess up with all the dissapearing when i disappear but i be get some sortiing out to do. its all good now though. so like i said before, my posts will about my weekly yannings so here it goes.
DISCLAIMER- Any criticism is my thought and my thought alone. And it's meant to be fun so don't hate on me o! just enjoy.

This one has to go to MOCHA!!! the babe yan better thing jare. i mean, she make sense. Read it and see what i mean.
It was about a couple's journey through life with her left hip. lol

And the award goes to NICE ANON!!! Chikita is funny! all the correct english mixed with igbo is too much. you have to agree that the babe dey yan period.

This one has to go to OMOTEE. don't get me wrong o, but wetin concern me concern cockroach?so now, you nor see any other thing to write about, na cockroach? so tey you come put am for spanish too. lol. this one na real Out of Point o.

Eh hen, by the way let me hail STING jare. the babe ehn, odikwa dangerous o! only you dey do fatbuster, only you dey do bloggist and only you still get sting of scorpion...Na wa o! You suppose win award sha...

So to everybody, dont hate me, hate your mess-ups!! lol!! Till Nextweek for more yarnings.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


What's going on blogsvile? I just wanted to specify as to what my "job" as the blog critic entails. My posts will include best post of the week, worst post of the week, most boring post of the week, and so on and so forth. But these will restrictly be MY opinions. I will be critical without being mean or obnoxious in anyway. Or at least I'll try. lol.

I have been an avid follower of blogsville for a while now so I basically know all the blogs there are to know for me to carry out this feat. During my days as an anonymous blog stalker, I found out that eeeeverybody in blogsville give only nice comments. Or rather avoid giving critical or what might be considered mean comments. Now, I understand that the way it works here is that the only way people will visit your blog is when you post "nice" comments. But as you can see, as the blog critic, I don't apply to such unwritten rules.

Now, I will refrain from getting personal with my comments and posts and stick to the topic at hand.
P.S- Best, worst, boring and so on and so forth posts will be based on the posts alone. Not the blog. So a person's blog might make the cut for best post of the week today and make the cut for worst post of the week tomorrow. So it is based sorely on the most recent post. And most importantly, all this will be based on MY opinions. So no hard feelings abi?
By the way, I see all una comments o! Thank you jare.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I have arrived blogsville at last. It is good to be here. I have been around this villa but now i have my very own blogspot and it feels good.